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(Tablet Press Hospital)
Director Xianguo Zhuang, Engineer, a assessor of ISO9000 International Quality Management System, minister of quality assurance department, Be responsible for quality system guarantee and after-sale work of tablet press.
Telephone(Fax): +86-635-8515552(24-hour)
Xingsheng Gao, Senior engineer, the company chief engineer, took part in the manufacture of the first 28-punch rapid tablet press of China that co-developed by the company and 206 Research Center of No. 2 Institute of Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics; took part in the Approval of rapid tablet press standard of the State Pharmaceutical Administration. Engaged in the design and manufacture of tablet press for 40 years, has the rich experience.
Fei Ma, Electrical engineer, deputy chief electrical engineer, a member of National Technical Committee on Pharmaceutical Equipment of Standardization Administration of China, participate in the electrical control design of all kinds of tablet press, and the design of dropping machine. In the PLC control field, he has deeper study.
Xianguo Zhuang, Mechanical engineer, technology minister, Be responsible for manufacturing process and equipment design of tablet press, He has engaged in tablet press for more than 20 years, has rich experience in tablet press installations and commissioning diagnosis at sites and famous for troubleshooting.
Undertake the fault diagnosis of all kinds of tablet press for domestic enterprise, large and medium repair and maintenance, technological transformation for all kinds of tablet press, maintenance operation training to operator.
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Maintenance teams: Professional technicians with 40-year experience
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